Winter Fashion You Look Amazing In Multiple Layers Of Clothes


There’s a slight chill in the air by October’s end. As it gets colder and chillier in the mornings, the seasons change to winter clothes. These are gone are the flowing cotton dresses, floral scarves, wedges or brightly colored sandals. The bulky woolens are now in fashion. Winter need not be a deterrent if fashion is your thing. Your mantra should be to make lemonade out of everything that comes your way (or, in this instance, look like a million dollars in the dead winter). Make sure you have a few basic things right.

To make it easier, here’s an acronym: B.C.C.G. For Boots, Caps, Coats, Gloves. You have it! Get these winter fashion essentials right and get ready for serious attention-deflection. Do not forget to invest in high-quality inners so you can warm up for the cold season.

Winter Boot Camp

Let’s begin with B for Boots. Boots look great with any outfit and make you irresistible. Winter boots should not reach below the knee. To avoid slouching, they should be made from sturdy material. They look great paired with tights, leggings and slacks as well as thin pants and skirts. The most flattering colours are browns and blacks. You might also like gray and beige.

Go to the Top

There are many fashionable options to protect your ears and head: the Beanie, Fur Trapper and Beanie. Faux Fur, Knit Hats, Faux Fur, Felt Hats and Beanie are just a few examples. You can also find chic headbands and ear muffs.


The colors should be lightened and the fit should be loose. You can look like Winona Ryder by choosing a Fur Trapper in white or pink, light grey, beige, or both. Beanies bring back childhood memories and add a little fun to winters. Ear muffs, in over a thousand cool colors and styles, are the clear winners.

Cover Story

There are very few options for winter coats in India. We haven’t let that stop us! You have many options: a Poncho in bright colors with eye-catching patterns; a Parka, Down Jacket or Anorak in red or blue with a hood made of faux yak hair; a Chesterfield Coat with brilliant white check pattern; or a Cloak, Overcoat, Longcoat or Cloak that is versatile and fits all sizes.

Pray, Eat, and Glove

Gloves are the final item, but they are essential to combat the chill. If you’re serious about winter fashion, gloves are essential. You can find mittens in many lovely colors. You can also choose from’removable fingerless gloves or gloves with zippers at the sides. Uber-handy for cold winter date nights