Valentine’s Day Fashion For Men


It’s a common expectation that a woman dress up for her man on special occasions like Valentine’s Day. Let’s face it, the poor guy is a bit too busy making Valentine’s Day special for his lady love. He doesn’t really put as much effort into his appearance for the evening. This year, he’s different.

Here’s a tip for boys: Dress up and make your Valentine’s Day memorable!

A casual evening at the bar

Keep your clothes casually and comfortably casual if you are going out for drinks or bar snacks, or an all-day event. An easy, clean pair of jeans will instantly set the mood. You can pair your jeans with a smart shirt or button-down shirt, but without a tie.

For a semi-formal evening

If you feel the mood is more formal, you could wear a formal shirt and trousers or a t-shirt-and blazer combo with jeans. The look could also be enhanced with a waist-coat. Combine the shirt and waistcoat with a pair jeans.

Formal evenings are possible

You need to look dapper for a formal evening with wine and fine food. You can wear a blazer if you prefer a plain shirt and not a printed one.


Your watch, belt, and shoes should be coordinated with your outfit. If you’re attending a formal event, tie it up and make sure to include your cufflinks. Even if you are going casual, you can still wear a nice neckpiece, especially if you’re wearing an attractive V-neck shirt. You can also wear a trendy and fashionable bracelet if you don’t want to wear a watch.

Et al

Men who smell good are loved by women. It’s almost a given that your favorite fragrance will be worn by her on the day. A well-styled hair and neat beard (if you have one, make sure it is neat) are two of the most important things.
This Valentine’s Day, make your lady happy and look extra special by giving it all. Don’t forget to carry or wear the most important of all, a loving, chivalrous, man. Nothing is more impressive than a well-mannered gentleman, and nothing is more special that a man who loves his lady.