Taiwanese Teaware


Our exclusive range of teaware will set your tea time apart. Our British teaware range has been designed by Comins Tea House and made in Britain by a select group of craftspeople. We have also hand selected our favourite teaware from around the world and made them available for purchase. 

The hand made nature of our teaware creates unique variations between the items which makes each one special. We believe that this provides character and adds to the whole tea experience.

  1. Contentment Pot

    Contentment Pot

    From £59.00
    The Contentment teapot is ideally suited to brewing medium oxidised teas, such as our Amber Oolongs.
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  2. Purion Serving Pot

    Purion Serving Pot

    From £58.00
    The Purion Serving Pot has an organic shape and is made from completely natural materials.
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  3. Purion Small Teabowl

    Purion Small Teabowl

    From £22.00
    This simple yet characterful teabowl is a pleasure to drink from and matches the rest of the Purion range.
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  4. Purion Teapot

    Purion Teapot

    From £85.50
    The Purion teapot has a simple yet beautiful shape and is made from completely natural materials.
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  5. Tea Serving Pot Pottery

    Serving Pot

    From £20.00
    Made from Taiwanese stoneware, this serving pot is used for pouring the brewed tea into from the teapot.
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  6. Taiwanese Gaiwan Bowl - Black & White

    Taiwanese Gaiwan Bowl

    From £42.00
    The Gaiwan or covered bowl is for many the preferred method for brewing teas with delicate flavours, such as green and white teas.
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  7. Porcelain Gong Fu Tea Serving Pot

    Taiwanese Gong Fu Serving Pot (Porcelain)

    From £86.00
    Finished with the same greenish blue glaze as the Porcelain teapot this is the ideal pot to serve the brewed tea from.
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  8. Gong Fu Sunflower Teacup - Porcelain

    Taiwanese Gong Fu Sunflower Teacup (Porcelain)

    From £31.50
    Perfect for savouring subtle teas, this small porcelain tea bowl is delicate yet ideal for everyday use.
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  9. Taiwanese Gong Fu Teapot

    Taiwanese Gong Fu Teapot (Porcelain)

    From £127.00
    The Porcelain teapot has a truly classic shape and solid feel.
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  10. Taiwanese Sipping Cup

    Taiwanese Sipping Cup

    From £8.60
    Made from Taiwanese stoneware, this delicate sipping cup is pleasure to drink from.
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