Japanese Teaware


Our exclusive range of teaware will set your tea time apart. Our British teaware range has been designed by Comins Tea House and made in Britain by a select group of craftspeople. We have also hand selected our favourite teaware from around the world and made them available for purchase. 

The hand made nature of our teaware creates unique variations between the items which makes each one special. We believe that this provides character and adds to the whole tea experience.

  1. Kyusu Teapot

    Kyusu Teapot

    From £15.00
    This traditional Japanese ceramic teapot is specially designed to brew green tea.
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  2. Matcha Bowl

    Matcha Bowl

    From £35.00
    Our traditional Matcha Chawans are perfect for Matcha preparation.
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  3. Matcha Scoop

    Matcha Scoop

    From £7.00
    This traditional natural bamboo measuring spoon is ideal for making sure you use the right amount of Matcha Tea.
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  4. Matcha Sifter

    Matcha Sifter

    From £20.00
    Our Matcha Sifter is a must for those who drink Matcha regularly.
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  5. Matcha Whisk

    Matcha Whisk

    From £15.00
    The Matcha Whisk or Chasen is used to whisk Matcha Tea into its characteristic frothy form.
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