British Teaware

White Tea

White tea is made from the unoxidised buds of the tea plant. It has great antioxidant and detoxifying benefits. Our Silver Needle white tea can be described as having an elegant, soft, sweet taste with a fresh aroma.

  1. Tea Bowls

    Tea Bowls

    From £12.00
    Our British made porcelain tea bowls are hand thrown on a potter's wheel, making every tea bowl unique.
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  2. Tea Caddy Spoon

    Tea Caddy Spoons

    From £9.00
    Handmade from English pear wood our stylish tea caddy spoons are ideal for measuring the right amount of tea for your perfect cup.
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  3. Tea Tins

    Tea Tins

    From £20.00
    Storing tea properly to preserve its freshness is vital. Our British-made tea tins are perfect for storing tea in the kitchen or when you are on the move.
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