Oolong Tea

Oolong teas are semi-oxidised teas, a cross between green and black teas. Our Oolongs provide a wide range of flavours. They can be sweet and fruity, green and fresh, roasty and deep or rich and complex.

  1. Bamboo Gong Fu Tray

    Bamboo Gong Fu Tray

    From £30.00
    This elegant bamboo stand is perfectly designed to drain the excess water produced during the Gong Fu brewing process.
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  2. Chinese Tea Bowls

    Chinese Tea Bowls

    From £3.50
    Our simple tea bowls maintain the classic shape and size of gong fu style bowls.
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  3. Complete Gong Fu Set

    Complete Gong Fu Set

    From £65.00
    A complete gong fu set, including everything you need for multiple infusions of our oolong teas.
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  4. Contentment Pot

    Contentment Pot

    From £59.00
    The Contentment teapot is ideally suited to brewing medium oxidised teas, such as our Amber Oolongs.
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  5. Glass Tea Serving Jug

    Glass Serving Jug

    From £7.00
    This small glass jug is used to decant tea into from the teapot.
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  6. Kyusu Teapot

    Kyusu Teapot

    From £15.00
    This traditional Japanese ceramic teapot is specially designed to brew green tea.
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  7. Matcha Bowl

    Matcha Bowl

    From £35.00
    Our traditional Matcha Chawans are perfect for Matcha preparation.
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  8. Matcha Scoop

    Matcha Scoop

    From £7.00
    This traditional natural bamboo measuring spoon is ideal for making sure you use the right amount of Matcha Tea.
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  9. Matcha Sifter

    Matcha Sifter

    From £20.00
    Our Matcha Sifter is a must for those who drink Matcha regularly.
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  10. Matcha Whisk

    Matcha Whisk

    From £15.00
    The Matcha Whisk or Chasen is used to whisk Matcha Tea into its characteristic frothy form.
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  11. Purion Serving Pot

    Purion Serving Pot

    From £58.00
    The Purion Serving Pot has an organic shape and is made from completely natural materials.
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  12. Purion Small Teabowl

    Purion Small Teabowl

    From £22.00
    This simple yet characterful teabowl is a pleasure to drink from and matches the rest of the Purion range.
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  13. Purion Teapot

    Purion Teapot

    From £85.50
    The Purion teapot has a simple yet beautiful shape and is made from completely natural materials.
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  14. Tea Serving Pot Pottery

    Serving Pot

    From £20.00
    Made from Taiwanese stoneware, this serving pot is used for pouring the brewed tea into from the teapot.
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  15. Small Yixing-style Teapot

    Small Yixing-style Teapot

    From £35.00
    Our small Yixing-style teapot is simple but very useful.
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  16. Taiwanese Gaiwan Bowl - Black & White

    Taiwanese Gaiwan Bowl

    From £42.00
    The Gaiwan or covered bowl is for many the preferred method for brewing teas with delicate flavours, such as green and white teas.
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  17. Porcelain Gong Fu Tea Serving Pot

    Taiwanese Gong Fu Serving Pot (Porcelain)

    From £86.00
    Finished with the same greenish blue glaze as the Porcelain teapot this is the ideal pot to serve the brewed tea from.
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  18. Gong Fu Sunflower Teacup - Porcelain

    Taiwanese Gong Fu Sunflower Teacup (Porcelain)

    From £31.50
    Perfect for savouring subtle teas, this small porcelain tea bowl is delicate yet ideal for everyday use.
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  19. Taiwanese Gong Fu Teapot

    Taiwanese Gong Fu Teapot (Porcelain)

    From £127.00
    The Porcelain teapot has a truly classic shape and solid feel.
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  20. Taiwanese Sipping Cup

    Taiwanese Sipping Cup

    From £8.60
    Made from Taiwanese stoneware, this delicate sipping cup is pleasure to drink from.
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  21. Tea Bowls

    Tea Bowls

    From £12.00
    Our British made porcelain tea bowls are hand thrown on a potter's wheel, making every tea bowl unique.
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  22. Tea Caddy Spoon

    Tea Caddy Spoons

    From £9.00
    Handmade from English pear wood our stylish tea caddy spoons are ideal for measuring the right amount of tea for your perfect cup.
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  23. Tea Tins

    Tea Tins

    From £20.00
    Storing tea properly to preserve its freshness is vital. Our British-made tea tins are perfect for storing tea in the kitchen or when you are on the move.
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