Here at Comins Tea house we aim to make it simple for you to find and enjoy fine single estate tea. Our collection consists of fine loose leaf teas, selected because we believe they are excellent representations of their type. 

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We take a personal approach to sourcing our teas. Knowing and sharing exactly where our fine teas come from and how to prepare them is extremely important to us. We want to make sure that the estates we buy from, as well as producing single estate tea with great flavour, fit with our ethos of fairness in all stages of the process. This approach takes time and explains why you won’t find hundreds of teas in our teahouse.

If you are new to tea we understand that choosing the right loose leaf tea can be daunting. Our ‘Choose Your Tea’ and ‘How to Enjoy’ sections provide the information needed to choose a tea, get started and enjoy each cup to its full potential.

We will be adding to our collection one fine tea at a time, building on our introductory tea range and offering a greater variety of types and flavours. Our emphasis will always be on great tasting single estate tea with an excellent balance of quality and value. We invite you to join us on this journey.


Black Tea

  1. First Flush Darjeeling Tea

    First Flush Darjeeling Tea

    Provenance: Makaibari

  2. Ceylon Tea

    Ceylon Tea

    Provenance: Imboolpitiya

  3. Assam Tea

    Assam Tea

    Provenance: Khongea

Green Tea

  1. Long Jing Green Tea

    Long Jing Tea

    Provenance: Linan Dayang, China

  2. Gunpowder Tea

    Gunpowder Tea

    Provenance: Linan Dayang, China

  3. Matcha Green Tea

    Matcha Tea

    Provenance: Uji, Japan

  4. Houjicha Tea

    Houjicha Tea

    Provenance: Uji, Japan

  5. Genmaicha Green Tea

    Genmaicha Tea

    Provenance: Uji, Japan

  6. Sencha Superior Tea

    Sencha Superior

    Provenance: Uji, Japan

  7. Sencha Karigane Tea

    Sencha Karigane Tea

    Provenance: Uji, Japan

  8. Gyokuro Green Tea

    Gyokuro Tea

    Provenance: Uji, Japan

Oolong Tea

  1. Ruby Brandy Oolong Tea

    Ruby Brandy Oolong Tea

    Provenance: Fu Yuan Tea Garden, Taoyuan, Taiwan

  2. Dong Ding Tea

    Dong Ding Amber Tea

    Provenance: ShanZhiCui

  3. LiShan Spring Oolong Tea

    LiShan Spring Jade Oolong Tea

    Provenance: ShanZhiCui

White Tea

  1. Indian Silver Needle Tea

    Indian Silver Needle Tea

    Provenance: Glenburn Tea Estate, Darjeeling, Northern India

Can't decide?

Five Tea Sample Set

Five Tea Sample Set

Our Five Tea Sample Set consists of five different 15g sample pouches of your choice along with a pack of our 30 tea filters. It is an ideal gift or a way for you to experience our teas.

Choosing Your Tea

How to choose a tea Not sure what to try? Consult our easy to understand guide to the main tea types and their flavours.

Tea Brewing & Storage Tips

Tea Brewing & Storage Tips The taste of your tea not only depends on your leaves but also how you brew and store them. Our guide will help you.

Our Tea Blog

Tea Brewing and Storage Tips Our tea blog is full of stories about our teas and advice on which teas might suit you best.