Say Goodbye To Stereotypical Fashion Rules


Fashion is art, not math! Don’t let your friends, family, peers, or anyone else influence your fashion decisions. You might find something that doesn’t work for your friend to be the best. To discover the stylist within you, some fashion rules that seem cliched might be stars if not followed.

Do not combine bright colors

You mean really? For many years, bright colors have been in fashion. Balance is the key. It is important to balance bright colors visually, or it could look disastrous. Use the color blocking technique. You only need to know which colors go well together.

No heels for tall persons

Heels can be worn by anyone. Although they can increase your height, who doesn’t love being taller? They also give your legs a more attractive shape, making them even more attractive. If anyone asks you to not wear heels because you are tall, please tell them this article.

Large prints with horizontal lines make you appear larger

Large prints and strips will always draw attention so it is important to be able to wear them well. To balance the look, one can wear a plain jacket with these lines and prints. You will stand out if you pair your jacket with a quirky accessory.

Red and pink are not a good mix

It is one rule you must break tomorrow. Wear red and pink together. The key is to make the colors compliment each other. Color blocking techniques are all you need.

You are not allowed to mix silver and gold jewelry together.

You don’t have to stick with the same look. Add some flair to your look by adding accessories. We must ban the practice of wearing silver and gold jewelry together. You can certainly pair them together, but we must maintain a sophisticated balance. Make sure you have different sizes when wearing the two baubles together.