Pallavi Mohan, Indian Fashion Designer


Pallavi’s designs have caused quite a stir not only in India, but all over the world with her label ‘Not So Serious’. Pallavi is an international fashion week and exhibition regular and is a major name to be reckoned with. Her collections have received rave reviews at Pert a Porter – Atmosphere in Paris and Pure London Fashion Weeks.

What inspired you to design? Why did you create your own brand?

Since I was five years old, I have been drawing since then. I knew I wanted to do something in the art field. It was an accident that I ended up designing garments. My husband, who is a garment exporter, was my first love and I just started doing it without any plans.

How did you create the brand name “Not So Serious”?

My friends and I were discussing the possibility of starting a brand. I told them that I wasn’t serious about it. They agreed that this is the name you should use for your brand. My brand was renamed “Not So Serious” without further thought.

What inspires and motivates you most in design?

Travel is a passion of mine and I love to see old things at flea markets. It makes me feel like I am creating something new. Everything floral is my favorite. I am inspired by flowers. When I see vintage, antique or lace I love to put it together. The first stage of designing begins there.

What do you think about fashion? And what accessory is most important for women?

A great bag and shoes! Apart from that, I believe no matter what you wear or carry, if you smile, everything will be okay. After that, people don’t care about what you wear. Fashion is not something you should follow blindly. Some styles and silhouettes are not right for certain body types. However, they work well with other people. Always choose something that you are comfortable in, something that you love and that makes you feel confident. You should not wear something you don’t want to wear.

What do you believe is the next big thing in fashion?

People are increasingly choosing eco-friendly, sustainably made garments. This trend is the future. It all depends on how socially conscious and eco-conscious you are, and what you can do to make it happen. Designers can help reduce the death process and recycle things. Natural raw fabrics such as whites or off-whites, can be another challenge. Socially, you shouldn’t employ child labor and pay the right wages. It’s unfair to charge thousands for a garment, but not pay the right amount for the hard work of your artisans.

What has been the journey for “Not So Serious” since when the brand was established?

It’s been a success and there are many more things that can be done for the brand. Apart from that, it is fun to make clothes you enjoy and see people wearing them. It’s also a joy to be able to appreciate them. Although I don’t like the idea of owning stores around the globe, I would love to have a strong online presence for my brand.

Let us know how you have been influenced by travel.

I love nature so I have traveled a lot to beautiful places, far from the big cities. It is fascinating to see the different techniques and crafts of craftsmen. It is a great opportunity to meet other artists and people with their own style of fashion or design. It feels like everyone can make beautiful garments. There is so much you can learn from them. You learn so much about people when you meet them. There is so much to learn and so much around.

What is the time it takes to create a design collection? And what are the challenges you face?

Time is my biggest challenge. The biggest challenge is not just time. Once you have a concept in your head, the next step is to get the details and embroidery done by our artisan. Everything else is easy once this initial stage has been completed.

The top five wardrobe essentials

1. Dress – A simple, elegant shift dress in white or black
2. Jeans in Denim – A great pair of jeans
3. Shirt – A white shirt with a collar or cut that is interesting.
4. Bag – A bag that goes with everything.
5. Black heels – Comfortable shoes that will last for ten hours of dancing

A thing you would like to share about your company

It’s easy to wear, fun and very versatile. A tunic can be purchased this season, and it will last you four summers. The quality is excellent and the design is timeless.