Latest Fashion Tips For The Traveller – The Luggage That’s Hot This Season

If you didn’t know there was such a thing as fashion and season in the luggage world – well then you’reprobably not the most frequent of travellers. You only have to open the pages of Grazia magazine to see the celebs landing for their red carpet affairs or their Christmas vacations with luggage sets designed to make a splash on the catwalk. From the pages of your favourite Sunday supplement to the pages of (otherwebsites are also available, clearly), there are plenty of fashion trends to look out for. In luggage terms, you have two things to consider – the things the luggage is capable of doing, and the way the luggage looks.

Like the best technological products, the highest fashion hitters in the luggage world achieve a marriage of form and function, where the suitcases look as good as they work – and vice versa. A business case, for example, that carries off that Samsonite sheen (this is just one example in hundreds), is a case that looks the business. It looks like it can protect whatever’s inside it (which it can); and it looks as though whatever’s inside it should be as smart as it is. The look of a suitcase can actually inform the whole atmosphere of a trip. As soon as you get it out from under the bed and start filling it, there’s a part of you that has already gone – whether that is to a business location or away on pleasure.

In either case, you’re looking at the compartments to remind you what you should be packing, and whether you have already packed them. From passport to toothbrush, there should be a space for everything – whether it’s in the main case, as is true with business suitcases, or whether there are separate cases for cabin baggage and hold baggage. The holiday luggage item is markedly different form business travel items. For a start, most holiday items are much bigger – so they can fit the clothes of multiple people, sufficient for the one or two weeks they might be away. Visually, though, travel fashions these days are much more striking. Holiday luggage tends to available in a range of fabric choices and colours, allowing the holidaymaker or holidaymaking family to style their trip before they even begin.

There’s something about a fun colourful suitcase set that instils a sense of optimism about the whole trip – it makes packing (which can normally be a huge drag) much more exciting and it hints at the fun and sun that is to come. Travelling can in itself be a fashion statement, depending on where and how you go. Certain items of luggage are appropriate to more specific environments, in much the same way that a dinner suit and bow tie are suited to evening meals in formal surroundings. Leather cases and travel bags are a case in point. Fine leather bespeaks a certain ambition or lifestyle; and while leather cases may be taken on any kind of trip. To any sort of destination, there are certain destinations where they will be the only items worth revealing. Interestingly enough, these locations are not necessarily immedi9ately domestic. Fine leather travelling equipment is suited to travel through Europe, to fashionable destinations – and to some country destinations in the UK as well. Scottish highland travel, for example.