India The Republic Of Fashion

India is unique in its diversity. You will see Indians from all over the country sporting their unique style. We will be amazed at the contributions each region made to India’s rich cultural heritage if we open the pages. This blog is a small tribute to the Indian fashion excesses in terms of styles, embroidery, and weaves.

Magical North

This vast area is home to 2 famous embroidery styles: Phulkari, from Punjab, and Kashia stich, from Kashmir. You will see them everywhere in sarees, suits and dupattas as well as shawls. Beautiful handbags, wraps and stoles, designer jackets, and wall hangings with Chinar leaf patterns and multicolored Phulkari, are all available. North is home to stylish lungi and graceful phirans as well as interesting parries.

West Winds

Khadi, a symbol of Indian freedom struggle was originally woven in Gujrat as an internal fabric. It is summer-friendly and has a rich texture. The use of rich, vibrant colors in clothes is a result of the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Bandhan (type and dye technique), Shisha, Shisha (mirror embroidery), Lerida print and you instantly feel connected to western India. This zone is known for its unique style.

Breathtaking East

Imagine the east, with the beautiful hills of the seven sister-states flashing in front of your eyes. This zone’s fashion is like a multi-tribe patchwork quilt. Each tribe and each tribal group has its own culture. Handicrafts are the weaving of threads into tribal fibers. The distinctively north-east designs of Naga shawls, stone jewelry, and long skirts are influenced by tribal life. They use black, white and red colors in their clothing, and have stunning head gears. The traditional white Bengal Tent sarees with a thick red border and the traditional white saree are irresistible. The drape of Bengal sarees are unmatched.

Central Carnival

Madhya Pradesh is the home of the famous hand-printed fabric featuring figurative motifs. The pride of central India is Chancery. It’s available in both cotton and silk. Next comes Maheshwari Saris with designs inspired by the carvings of temples and palaces. The enchanting Lucknow Chakan works on comforting cotton is hard to miss! This is a must-have item in every Indian’s wardrobe, especially in summer.

The irresistible South

There are endless oceans to the three sides of South India, and tall palm trees and vast green areas. South India is home to Kanjivaram saris. These saris are the most sought-after wedding silk saris of India. These saris are often brightly colored, with vibrant patterns such as maroon and green, peacock and pink, and gold or silver threads woven into the borders. This 6 yard beauty is so attractive that it’s impossible to resist being seduced. South Indian men love Lungi in bright cotton checks, on the other hand.