Tea Gift Sets

Tea Gift Sets

The way you prepare and enjoy your tea is as important as the tea itself. With this in mind we have created our tea gift sets. Perfect for that special gift or just as a treat for yourself, they provide everything needed to create a unique tea ceremony. Each set is packaged in either our printed tissue paper or a beautifully designed Comins Tea House presentation box.

  1. Tea For One

    Tea For One

    From £48.00
    An ideal gift or a treat for yourself.
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  2. Complete Gong Fu Set

    Complete Gong Fu Set

    From £65.00
    A complete gong fu set, including everything you need for multiple infusions of our oolong teas.
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  3. Tea for Two

    Tea for Two

    From £64.50
    Tailor made for sharing a tea experience.
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  4. Tea Party

    Tea Party

    From £125.00
    Everything you need for a special tea get-together.
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  5. One Tea Bowl in Gift Box

    One Tea Bowl in Gift Box

    From £14.00
    One of our unique tea bowls in its own gift box.
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  6. Set of Two Tea Bowls

    Set of Two Tea Bowls

    From £27.00
    An ideal gift for sharing, packaged in our bespoke gift box.
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  7. Set of Four Tea Bowls

    Set of Four Tea Bowls

    From £52.00
    This beautifully boxed set of four of our porcelain tea bowls is a perfect gift.
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  8. Set of Six Tea Bowls

    Set of Six Tea Bowls

    From £75.00
    A full set of our elegant tea bowls packaged in our unique gift box.
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