High Fashion For Less

We all want to look great and be stylish but we don’t all have the money for the haute couture we lust after. Do not fear, we lovely ladies of lesser means can still find great evening wear and office wear without breaking the bank.

There are two important factors for finding fashion for less:

Purchasing Decisions

  • 2. Fashion Designers Marketing to the Budget Conscious
  • Fashion Purchasing Decisions

In our fashion purchasing decisions we need to stop being so compulsive. This is critical when a piece of eveningwear may be $200-$400 dollars; we want to get the most bang for our buck. The danger of compulsive buying is that we end up with purchases that we never wear because we just can’t find the right occasion or it goes out of style too quickly. Instead ask yourself these simple questions before making a fashion purchase to ensure that it is a good value for you.

Where will I wear this?

If you can answer this question and visualize yourself wearing your new fashion piece around then you’re well on your way to a great purchase. On the other hand if this question causes doubt – don’t buy. Put that plastic back in your purse!

Is there a timeless quality to this piece?

Even if you want to make a fashion statement be sure that the piece you are looking at has at least one timeless quality to ensure that it will stand the test of time. You want to be pretty sure that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen in your new fashion in 10 years when it will become a classic fashion.

Will I wear it more than once?

This must be a yes for a true value. I like to wear each of my fashion pieces 3 to 8 times per year. If it’s less than three I know I made a mistake and with my favorite dresses it’s hard to keep it under once a month.

Is the fit Poor, Average or Perfect?

It’s best to always rate your fit immediately. If the rating is poor you must be willing to get it tailored for it to be worth the money. The way I figure, even if it’s just a $30 top it’s worthless if I don’t want to wear it, so the extra time and/or money for an alteration is more than worth it. An alteration can change a good will giveaway into a favorite fashion wear.

Fashion Designers who are Budget Conscious

These days lots of fashion designers are creating great styles and fashions for the more budget conscious fashion lovers. You can find their designs from Target to Nordstrom’s and Macy’s. Or do what we do and search the web for a great selection of affordable fashion (there is a google search box at the top of this page for your convenience, be sure to select web). Three designers who stand out for their great fashion at affordable prices are:

Oscar de la Renta

His new O Oscar line has blouses, skirts, dresses and more all for under $100 can be found at Macy’s and other department stores.

Women’s Shoes by Banana Republic

The Banana Republic does some great women’s shoe design and they are quite affordable. My favorite from this year is the ‘Tina’ croco-embossed t-strap pump.