Five Fashion Faux Pas To Avoid When Dressing Up For The New Year Bash


You’re looking forward to the rocking new-year party at the most prestigious club in town, and you are ready to ring in 2020 with style. Making the right fashion statement is a key part of being able to make an impression at the biggest party of the year. It’s likely that your girlfriends will dress up in the most elegant attire. They won’t miss an opportunity to show off their talents, so it’s important not to make a fashion faux pas. Sometimes, in all the excitement and preparation, you might overlook the obvious and make a fashion faux pas that everyone will remember.

These are 5 faux pas you can avoid for the New Year’s Eve Party. Show your effortless style and make ripples!

Too Much Glitter

You do have a plan to shine on New Year’s Eve. A short sequins gown is on your list. But don’t push the envelope! The dress that is shimmery should be the focal point of the outfit. You can tone down the rest of your look if it is. Shiny disco balls: Shiny dress + shining shoes + shining headgear+ shining clutch These are not your style, are you? You can play it safe with nude stilettos or a printed clutch if the dress is very glittery. You can also keep your accessories glittery but choose a solid color, black, or another color dress.

How Tight Is Too Strong?

Party spirit demands a lot dancing, free movement and eating. Imagine doing this in a fitted gown. If you are concerned about your posture, movement, or how you sit, it can be a real pain. Even if your body is shaped, I recommend that you choose a dress that fits the top of your body and skims below it. It’s more sensuous and gives you more freedom.

Wrong Lingerie

This one is quite common! The look is completely destroyed if the bra strap rolls out of the dress, or if it’s too tight and exposes your breasts or back. The bra should be the right size, style and fit for your outfit. You should avoid wearing pantiliners. You can wear seamless pants or thongs underneath your dressy outfits. This is the most important rule for decent dressing up.

Socks & Sandals

Even though it’s winter, you might be tempted to dress up with sheer stockings or a long dress with knee-high socks. However, choosing the right footwear is crucial. You should wear socks if you have to. To enhance the look, pick a pair of Stilettos that are sexy. Peep Toes and Platform Heels are a no-no. These shoes were popular a long time ago. Peep Toes and Socks works well for both the young and old. It’s impossible to be both, right?

Dess Appropriately

This one isn’t meant to be a moral policeman, but it makes sense. While you may feel tempted to flaunt your body in revealing outfits with plunging necklines, bisque backless dresses or skimpy clothes, be mindful of the type of people invited to the party. Even colleagues and bosses are not the right audience to expose their skin to this kind of show. Don’t be too sexy. An overly sexy dress that has a plunging neckline and bare back is not a good choice. A dress that rides up to your waist can make you look embarrassing. Balance carefully.