Fashion Do’s And Dont’s

Every season, there are new trends to follow and as women, we like to be in touch with what’s hot in the fashion world. A big mistake that many of us make is trying too hard to be trendy or wearing too many trendy things at once. There are many things that we should and shouldn’t do when it comes to fashion. Here’s a look at some of the Do’s and Don’ts we need to keep in mind:

Fashion Do’s And Don’t’s


Trends in are going to have a lot of prints, be it on clothes or accessories. Animal prints, floral prints, stripes, etc. are all a part of what’s hot this season, so an important thing to remember is to incorporate these prints but in small doses like in a bag, scarf or shoes. Graphic and geometrical prints will also be hot. Don’t be afraid to go black-and-white when it comes to these prints, although bright colors are also in. Black and white can help you make a bolder style statement and these two colors are never passé.

Fashion Do’s

Bags in bright colors and prints are all the rage this season. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Get one or two and step out in style with the latest trends in handbags. Whether you prefer animal prints or floral ones, you can’t go wrong this season with a jazzy bag on your shoulder. Pair your maxi dress with a fabulous, strappy pair of flat sandals. When you do, make sure that the hem isn’t so long that your dress weeps the floor everywhere you go. To be in trend, you can go for safari prints or striped patterns. If you’re not one who likes to wear bright colors on your clothes, you can opt for nail polishes and lipsticks in bright, summery hues. If not, you can also add a splash of color by carrying a bag in colors like orange, red, green, etc.


Since this season’s trends have a lot of color and print, it would be easy to go overboard with them. Don’t wear too many different prints at once, or even the same print. You could end up looking like a zoo gone wild! When you wear bright neon colors this season, don’t add too many accessories. Keep it clean and simple; you can’t go wrong with that. You can check Jennifer Lopez’s look last month. She sported a sexy neon green dress with pink high-heels and very minimal jewelry and she looked absolutely stunning.

Fashion donts

Wedges are in this spring. Don’t wear anything that’s too high if you’re not comfortable in them. There’s nothing more unstylish than looking clumsy and uncomfortable in a pair of high-heels whether they’re stilettos or wedge shoes. Don’t wear over-sized shades this season. Smaller, rounder frames are in this season, so invest in a pair of those to look smoking this spring and summer or go for a shape that compliments your face. Metallic fabric is in but don’t go overboard by wearing too much of it. This look looks best on runways and fashion magazines, and it’s a very difficult look to pull off. So unless you’re sure that you can work it, stay away from it. Remember these few tips when you go shopping this season and you can look fab and trendy without going over-the-top.