Fall Fashion Tips Winter Jewelry Accessories Trends


You should be excited to wear your favorite warm clothes, even if they haven’t been worn in months. You will now have even more reasons to celebrate winters by learning how to experiment with jewelry styles in this season. You need to choose the right jewelry to compliment your outfit with all of the layers of warm clothing.

These are some winter jewelry accessories tips:

Winters are markedly different in terms of color preference. In cold weather, grey is the new black. If your wardrobe is full of grey and black clothes, you should add more bright and colorful elements to your jewelry box. To make your jewelry stand out, keep it in contrast to the color of your apparel. A broad collar necklace can be worn with cowl neck or turtle neck sweaters. A large necklace can add glamour to a winter look that is otherwise boring. To highlight your slim neck, stick to multi-stranded neckpieces paired with V-neck sweaters. You don’t have much room to experiment with earrings in woolen caps so choose a wide necklace that will not be too big. Winters are a time to play with ring styles. You can combine different statement rings with colored stones embellishments by wearing a plain sweater. To highlight different plain rings, you can layer them on one finger.

You should be careful with your rings as they can get caught on clothes. You should also choose the rings that are perfect for you, because during winter, dry fingers can cause your fingers to constrict. Brooch is another type of jewelry that can add a touch of style to plain woolens winter looks. You can choose from a classic brooch with embellishments or funky brooches with feathers, ribbon, or bow detail. Brooch can be worn for formal or casual occasions. You should have a variety of brooches in your winter wardrobe. To show off your favorite bracelet, roll up your sleeves. You can show it off in a stylish, sleek piece or as a statement bracelet. The statement bracelet looks great with your high-boot style. The sleek bracelet is perfect for a serious office look.