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Types of Tea

A generalised guide to the main tea types and their flavours. Hover or click on the tea packets to see where our teas fit in.


  Arrows Non-Fermented* Smaller Arrow Green Tea Smaller Arrow Sencha Tea Gyokuro Tea
  Slightly Fermented Smaller Arrow White Tea Smaller Arrow Silver Needle Tea
Camellia Sinensis - Tea Leaves Semi Fermented Smaller Arrow Oolong Tea Smaller Arrow Da Hong Pao
  Fully Fermented Smaller Arrow Black Tea Smaller Arrow Darjeeling TeaAssam TeaCeylon
  Post Fermented Smaller Arrow Pu-erh Tea Smaller Arrow Coming Soon


*Fermentation, or more precisely, oxidisation is part of the tea manufacturing process, when oxygen reacts with certain enzymes in the leaves. When and how much this happens affects the taste and aroma of the final tea.

If you are new to tea and want to learn more, Jane Pettigrew is a tea guru and offers fantastic tea masterclasses and tea tastings.

Choosing A Tea

Da Hong Pao
Strong, Rich, Full
Assam Tea
Ceylon Tea
Relaxing, Mellow
Sencha Darjeeling  
Gyokuro Silver Needle Tea Delicate, Soft