Best Bathing Suits For Women


When you go to a beach or for swimming in a pool, you notice women wearing different styles of bathing suits. Women’s bathing suits come in two basic styles i.e. one piece bathing suit and a two piece bathing suit known as bikini. The two styles have transformed into fashion statements. Today, the bathing suits for women are trendy, stylish and versatile. They are made to fit all body types and make swimming an enjoyable experience.

Bathing Suits for Women

One Piece Bathing Suit

This old and traditional type of bathing suit reveals less but you can swim comfortably in it. One piece bathing suit is designed in different styles like:

Halter Neck

This is a backless one piece bathing suit with a halter neck. The straps of the top are tied around the neck. It is an ideal choice for those who shy away from wearing a two piece bathing suit but want to look stylish at the same time. It suits young girls and slim and shapely women.

High Neck

High Neck women bathing suit

If you do not want to show off your top then this type of bathing suit is for you. The High Neck goes up till the shoulders and reveals your arms and neck. It is suitable for women with small silhouette as it makes you look elongated.

Jogger Style

Jogger style bathing suits help you to conceal heavy hips and thighs while still looking stylish. The bottom is designed like full shorts with the comfort of a basic one piece bathing suit. Jogger style bathing suit also comes as a two piece swim wear.

Mini Skirt Style

In this style of one piece bathing suit, a short and frilly skirt is attached around the panty line to conceal heavy hips and thighs.

Different Types of Two Piece Bathing Suits


This is becoming very popular among women. The top is designed like a sports bra instead of the normal bikini top.

Tankini bath suit

It has a halter neck that is tied around the neck and leaves the shoulders bare. Tankini lets you expose a small section of stomach.

Strapless Bikini

This style of bikini is more glamorous and suits women with a perfect figure. The top has detachable shoulder straps and it is held in place with the help of hooks or by tying a knot around the back.

Triangle Top Bikini

In this style of bikini the top is designed in shape of triangles to cover the top. The piece is tied around the neck in halter style and around the back to hold it in place. This is a bold style of bathing suit which few women dare to wear.


This is a fusion style of bathing suit for women. It is extremely stylish and bold at the same time. Women with a slim waistline can afford to wear Monokini. In this style of bathing suit, the top and bottom are attached together with a piece of cloth that runs along the centre of abdomen and it exposes the waistline.