Beauty Tips And Ideas : Nail Fashion Guide

Trendsetters and designers pay attention to nails all year. Designers and trendsetters alike love to see new launches from high-end brands every season. There are so many nail colors and polishes on the market. Which ones should we choose this summer?

Summer is when you pick colors that you wouldn’t choose from the rest of year. You will be spending your summer at the pool, festivals, and vacations in colors that are unexpected, bright, trendy and neon. Choose colors that are more unpredictable. Grab some hot pinks and blue navy’s, turquoises, oranges and metallic. What are the newest nail color trends? What are the latest summer nail art trends? What about nail lengths and shapes? These are some beauty tips.

Minty Fresh

Bold blue and light green are great choices for summer cocktails and days spent at the beach. The seafoam, also known as blue-green, looks great on natural nails.

Blushed Shades

This season, nail polish colors range from light pinks and sweet purples.

Polish Love

Reds are timeless: cherry reds and red nacre. Reds are a staple nail color no matter the season. If you’re a fan of red, cranberry is the summer color to choose.

Earthly to Melon Feel

Oranges and nudes are still the most popular nail color colors, even though they have been around for a while. For a 70’s vibe, add a little peach.

Navy Blues

This nail color comes in a dark navy blue and is adorned with glitter. These new polishes look great with both classic and trendy jewelry and are ideal for your fingernails as well as your toes.

The Best Nail Shapes for This Season

To be cute this season, your nails don’t need to be very tall or pointy. For dark colors like dark navy, short, square nails are a great option. Natural-shaped, trim nails are in style this summer. These nails are great for pairing with nude colors or beiges. They are very popular this year and are best paired with gray nail polishes. While long, almond-shaped nails may not be a necessity for this summer, they are essential with red nail polishes.

Please share the nail designs, colors and shapes that you rely on most in summer.

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