Awesome Short Prom Dresses

Short Prom DressesProm night can involve some hectic planning. The toughest part is choosing the perfect dress. While gowns are traditionally the favorite way to go, short prom dresses can be just the thing you are looking for. They can be cute, simple, elegant, saucy, daring and flirty. Moreover, short prom dresses have the benefit of being more versatile. Gowns are primarily evening wear and can only be worn on formal occasions. Short prom dresses on the other hand are great for parties, wedding receptions or a night on the town. Many prom collections for 2012 are featuring short prom dresses as the new hip look. Here are some popular choices as well a few tips on how to choose your dress.

Tips for Choosing a Short Prom Dress

Little Black Dress

Also known as the LBD, this is one evergreen style you can rarely go wrong with.  This is literally the most popular choice among cocktail dresses. There are a few things you need to remember while picking out your LBD. Think of the kind of accessories you intend to pair the dress with, so that you wear the right look.

Little Black Dress

A little bling can go a long way. If you feel your prom dress is too plain, throw in some coordinated jewelry to add a little dazzle to your ensemble. Black is a very flattering color so you don’t have to worry too much if you have any weight woes. Just pick one that is well cut and suits your personal style.

Sparkly Short Prom Dresses

Pretty and dazzling, these dresses come in bold colors and trendy styles. Here’s a quick tip – choose a dress that complements the color of your hair and skin tone. Sequins and crystals are some of the glittering additions that give sparkly dresses their eye-catching quality.

Sparkly Short Prom Dresses

Wear minimal accessories since the dresses have plenty of shine on them already and jewelry will only clash. Specifically, avoid wearing chunky necklaces even if you are wearing a strapless or sweetheart bodice dress. Top stylists suggest embellishments around the neckline and the waist rather than all over the dress. It  might end up making you look garish.

Tips to Choose Your Short Prom Dress

Choose a dress that suits the shape of your body. Avoid fabrics that fall badly and don’t suit the style of dress you are wearing. Dresses in reflective fabrics like satin look great on the mannequin but tend to show panty lines and are rather unsuccessful at covering up bulges. Some of the styles that are making the rounds include the Twilight Goth look and if you are looking for something different, try vintage-inspired looks. Accessorize with tasteful jewelry that complement the color of your dress and suit your hairdo. This brings us to another important tip. Wear your hair right. Sometimes a really pretty hairdo can lift the monotony of any plain looking dress. If buying a new dress is not among your plans, you can always shop online. These days plenty of girls are throwing their closet doors open and inviting prospective buyers who don’t mind buying a second hand dress which is in excellent condition.

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