Adopt a Striking Bold Look With Colored Jeans

Blue denims with the passing time have become an inevitable part of everybody’s wardrobe. Despite traditional blue jeans becoming the most popular and preferred pair of bottom wear, but a substantial amount of population don’t shy away from trying on something fresh and bold. Colored jeans are one of them. Guys, you don’t really have to be biased while choosing your outfits. When you opt for bright colored tops for yourself, then why do you stick with the same boring blue shade for your denim? Why not try some other colour in them; after all colored jeans are in vogue! Now bring the bright colors down at your laps, and embrace the all-new bold and chick look of yours. Since the present trend of colored jeans does not invite a drastic change in what our eyes are used to without making it difficult for others to accept the newly discovered fashion, you can therefore rely on these denims as they are here to stay for long. If you are still apprehensive about colored jeans then go to a fashion store, try one in a fitting room and experience the feel of newly invaded trend; bet you would love it.

Even if you are a plus-sized woman; colored jeans will be one of your close buddies helping you achieve a positive reception for your style. But ensure if you are not that comfortable with the shape of your heavy butts, you must always cover them up with a long sized top, apart from that any dark colored jeans would effortlessly make them look less weighty.


Get a Bold Look With Colored Jeans!

Colour for Every Age!

Today, in every fashion store, at the blink of your eye you will come across a wide range of colored jeans from gaudy bright shades to subtle ones. Considering your age group, you can pick the colour of the denim to match up with the ongoing trend.

For Teenagers

Of course, teenage is the playful age of experimenting and experiencing the freshness of everything, and fashion comes first at it. Open your mind and widen your arms and welcome any coloured jeans to try on yourself as it’s your time to set the trend, or get going with the set trend your way. Don’t deter from picking up vibrant shades as they would surely help turning heads towards you.

For Teenagers

Doubt if you don’t want it! With any colored jeans at the bottom you can play with traditional material tops quite easily. Try on as many colors as you can until you find the one gluing your attention completely. Straight fit, skinny, and slim fit are all which will work for your age without qualm. Bright bottoms paired with shirts and blazers will give you a complete funky look.

For Middle-aged

For all those who still feel comfortable only when they slip into their favorite jeans and don’t feel afraid to try out something different then coloured jeans are just for you! Middle –age doesn’t mean that you no more can flow with the current fashion. All you need to think over is the aptness of what you wear according to your body shape and size. When it comes to your colored jeans, it’s all about colour and style to suit your figure. Of course, you would not want to attract all the attention to your lower half, therefore try not to wear bright shades if you are bulky at the bottom. Try wearing a sober coloured flared jeans which is not too skinny to suit your age and style best. In order to mellow down the brightness of your colored jeans wear a neutral shade top and do not over accessorize your look with a lot of junk jewellery hung around your neck, wrists and waist. Keep your look minimal – that’s the mantra for your age.

Different Shades That Suit Best In Jeans

Green is an environment friendly color, what is more better than promoting your love for the environment with your style statement? Green is the colour which soothes eyes too, so included a pair of green denim into your closet and let his eyes stay focused on you only. You can always team green shaded jeans with a fitted white, yellow or other light colored shirt in chiffon or any other soft fabric. Rusty brown is another eye-catching color of jeans that goes well with almost any shade of top. Earthy and neutral colors of jeans always are good pick for anyone. You can choose from a variety of printed tops to pair with your any color jeans, and trust you won’t go wrong.

Different Shades That Suit Best In Jeans

Yellow, maroon, fiery orange and electric blue are other shades that are quite sought after nowadays. Burgundy or dark purple color of jeans goes well with wine shaded tops or colors like navy blue, brown, green and pink as well. Red is a passionate color, and so you may also try to add some passion into your life by opting for a bright red colored jeans. White and black are the two perfect colors to compliment your red jeans. Since dark colors are always safe to play with, choose the same for your jeans as well. To add an additional tint of boldness, wear funky junk jewellery and accessory with your outfit.

What Style Of Colored Jeans To Choose?

Well, firstly it completely depends upon the person’s own taste and choice of style in jeans and secondly upon the shape of your body especially bottom area of your body. But, still you find it difficult to make up your mind in choosing any particular style of colored jeans then right away opt for straight legged or boot legged style of jeans. Since these are the two styles which make your legs look long and flattering, you would never go wrong for choosing them for yourself. Other styles of colored jeans that you can opt for include –

– Monkey wash jeans

– Jeans ripped from places, especially knees.

– Front-slit or Back-alit coloured jeans

– Printed jeans (for casual look)

– Sequence work jeans

For The Complete Look!

Since the very beginning when we start to understand the basics of style and fashion, it’s reiterated that we must maintain a balance in our complete outfit to make it look smart and retain its flavor without distracting others for not-so-good reason of course.

For The Complete Look

Therefore, while wearing colored jeans do keep this rule in mind and never break it, or else you will end up making fun of yourself. While pairing up top with your colored jeans always make sure that if your top is in light shade then your denim need not necessarily be of the same family, after all you are not trying to make yourself look like a pumpkin – same from every angle! Thus, choose contrasting or best complimenting colors at the top and bottom of your body. Your footwear always plays an important role in making or breaking your overall style and outfit. Thus, never overlook the idea of diligently picking up your footwear while planning to wear along with your colored jeans. Since you are already trying to catch attention of others with your newly found love – colored jeans, don’t try to bewilder others trying to find out where exactly to focus more by wearing heavily studded heels as well. In this case, neutral footwear always works the best. Accessorize your look a little and you are all set to turn the heads around. Cheers!