A Fur Revolution For Men


A fur coat is a dream of every man and woman living in the cooler parts of the world. An ultimate luxury and comfort that would save one from the exhausting and freezing cold. Fur coats have for several decades been symbolic of status, money and obviously luxury. Considered an ultimate style statement, the fur coat had become an inheritable possession, one that was being passed down from one generation to another. Fur coats have never failed to make it to the news. In recent years fur coats have been involved in issues of trade, animal rights and the attempts of several activists to stop use of fur for designing of such coats. But fashion of the fur will never probably die till the time there are people rich enough to buy one.

Sable, fox and beaver are some animals whose fur has been traditionally used for making fur coats. In the 21st century one has vintage, used and new fur which is extremely environment friendly.But humans not only use fur in coats but also fashion it into hats, muffs, vests, stoles and other accessories which are made of fur. The fur merchants today have a wide variety of fur coats to suit all desires. Mink, Alaskan and patterned furs are also available for sale in the market and can be bought from any reputed store or designer label too. Fur coats are available for both men and women. Coats of Pink fur, pelts and other material can also be found over the internet or in the reputed stores. Fur is an ultimate ecstasy which today is affordable and even environment friendly.

Popular fashion styles in men’s fur coats can be identified with the famous 70s groups of fashion like the sleek British clothing “mods”, the hippie look which was shaggy and the excessive covering which was the trend in the disco environ. Some of the fur coat styles for men which were prevalent in the 1970s are discussed in the succeeding paragraphs.

The Hippie Influence Prevailed

With the advent of 1970s era, designs based on similar patterns which represented the expression of the hippie culture popular in the 60s, became the best advertising gimmick for the marketing of clothes and designs by designers and merchants. Men’s fur coats worn during this time followed the flow of the garments designed based on the natural structure of the body, a concept which the hippies supported with a twist. Cloth was never to fall short in such designs, instead excessive lengths of fabric was used. Full length coats were expected to extend past the knees of the man wearing the coat and were features with zipper pockets. The same sense of fashion that had dominated the use of wide ties, flared pants and huge collars of the era.

Coats For The Travelers Of The World

With the increase in the world trade and living standards of the citizens around the globe, air travel became an affordable reality for most professionals. It became a normal routine for many to board a flight and get off in another part of the world. As a result, fares were reduced, technology advanced and the airlines started giving better facilities with amazing offers to attract the people. With this increased travel, the purchase of foreign goods also increased. Exotic and expensive furs from the Far East and countries like Afghanistan were sought, making the fur coat an expensive indulgence for men and symbolic of world class citizenship.

In Mood For The Mod

While the hippie culture still prevailed in the US, the citizens of UK hugged another trend of sleekness and simplicity which was opposite to the loose hanging fashion of the hippies. This sleek and easy simplicity was also identified through the new motor scooters that most young men were zipping throughout the city, which was considered mod. In a climate like that in the UK, riding in an open air vehicle implied a necessity of warm and snug clothing. So fitting fur coats with inner lining and good large collars were a trend followed by every young man who possessed a scooter.

The Disco Trend

With the famous release of the famous John Travolta movie disco culture was explored and bombarded the fashion streets of the world and had every young heart doing the disco trend. Men around the globe were seen sporting shiny shirts of rayon, pants with enormous flares and not to forget long hair. The fur coats too reflected this disco trend. Faux or fake fur coats were doing the rounds of the fashion industry and colored coats with leopard prints along with huge collars were a fad. The extensive use of synthetic fabric in these coats was evident. Though synthetic fur coats gave away from their looks the reality yet they were a distinguishing feature which made men stand out among thousand others.

The Spencer Coat

A woolen tailed coat of the 1970s, Spencer coat was one without the tails. With its length till the waist and double breast jacket this Spencer coat gave a chic, clean and business like appearance to the wearer. Worn usually by officials of the military, it was generally decorated with medals and other paraphernalia of the military attire. It gave the military man a chic, braced up and chiseled look, one that went well with the image of the military regime.

Summing Up

Having gone through the popular fads in the fur coat designs and preferences of the world might make most men out there pick up a style of fur coat from the vintage 1970s that would look good on them. Well, to sum up it must be mentioned that a fur coat is a luxury and a privilege that only a few can afford and that too not every year. So fur coats require constant care and maintenance. Despite all these hassles, a fur coat is an asset and an investment in one’s appearance and style which is a great molder of the personality that one projects to the world.