5 Fashion Trends That Need To Die

Fashion is ever changing and the myriad styles that keep it alive on the streets, streets, and parties are exciting and vibrant, but some trends die naturally and others go extinct. There are fashion trends that can become a eyesore, or just plain boring, and they need to go! There were also some fashion trends in that were too trendy or impractical to be a Trend.

Below is our list with the top 5 trends that we think should not be seen.

Disaster Denims

Both boys and girls love distressed jeans and ripped jeans. However, this fashion statement is not for everyone. Even though the most famous celebs wore these jeans more than ever before, it’s time for them to be retired and covered up. Jeans that are too ripped or torn look outdated and unpractical. It might be a good idea to wear shorts.

Asymmetrical Hemlines

There were so many different hem styles in dresses, kurtas, and skirts that we saw, it was hard to see the difference. This year, asymmetry will lead to cleaner and more classy lines thanks to mullet skirts, U-shaped hemlines for kurtas or dresses, and all other forms of Asymmetry.

See Through And Nude Dresses

Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé bared almost their entire bodies in barely there see-through dresses. The trend gained momentum and more collections and shows followed suit. Too much skin showing is unclasp, and should not be a common trend.

Bulk Shoes

In big, chunky, and even square-toed shoes were all the rage. Shoes that are too big and bulky look unflattering, not to mention ugly, can be very distracting. You will get the idea if you keep them near a pair of stilettos with pointed toes.

Too Much Lace And Fringe

The year was more gypsy-friendly than ever. Everything had lace inserts or fringes. Everywhere you looked, there was fringe detail. This included bags, accessories and clothing. However, fringes that are too large or multi-colored may be considered excessive and not appropriate for.