4 Style Statements That Are Going To Set Fire In

Fashion trends keep on changing every year. Not before a particular kind of style hits the market that it is replaced by a newer one. All through these years fashion statements have been influenced by both celebrities and designer houses. Each time they come up with something new, every old garment goes off into the baskets and wardrobes are filled with newer shirts and latest designer-cut jeans. Listed below are some of the unique trends which are going to rule the market in.

Skinny Denim Jeans

Skinny jeans are worth the first mention. No matter how much alterations the fashion trends undergo this type of denim will always remain at its helm. They look good on all body shapes and sizes. What is important is that they are worn in contrast with the tops. Tunic tops, flowing blouses, tuxedo blazers will suit best with skinny jeans. Paired with any of these tops even the most messed up beauty will look dashing. The dark wash skinny jeans are the most popular among the youth.

Metallic Shades

In the past years there has been an ongoing craze about the metallic shades. This year the fashion analysts anticipated something similar and they haven’t been proved wrong. Among a variety of metallic shades the most sought after ones are silver, rose, pewter or brass.

Pleated Skirts

Pleated skirts have found their way into the most popular fashion trends of 2012. Women are going gaga over them. To make a wise choice one would need to select a piece that could be worn in almost all occasions. They can be paired with naked sandals or blouse tops will be good for summer and a pair of stockings along with the skirt will be great for winter. Another way to ensure that you grab eyeballs wherever you go is by pairing the skirt with cashmere sweater over the collar blouse.

Metal Shirts and Blazers

Metal shades as discussed earlier remain a craze. So does metallic shirts or blazers and even tanks. They are affordable and can be quite easily paired with almost all sorts of clothes. They are a must in one’s wardrobe this year. The best way to complement your metallic blazers is by wearing them with a simple t shirt and obviously cool denims. Middle-rise boots along with small wallets will complete this hip hop look. The woman can be ensured that her smartness will leave men drop-jawed. To utilize your metallic skirt to the fullest you can use a bow-tie blouse and obviously a pair of black shoe. Accessories must always complement the overlook of the person. 2012 is a year of bold fashion and thus the accessories must as well be bold. What use will be an accessory of if it doesn’t help in enhancing the look of the individual? Women have a hidden spark about them, which can only be brought out with the help of these bold accessories. One can play well with colors of the accessories. Bead necklaces or large bracelets are some of the most common bold accessories.